Using eBooks For Viral Marketing

We are always impressed here at YUDU by those who are smart enough to take new technologies and make them work in new and exciting ways. We stumble across several experts who use eBooks to create viral campaigns, drive search traffic, and build their personal brand.

One such expert is eBook guru Harvey Segal who wrote a column that was recently posted at the Owndotcomfree’s Weblog titled, “How To Produce PERFECT Viral E-Books”. In his post, he talks about how to use affiliates to drive traffic and quickly spread your content. He advocates allowing your affiliates to “rebrand” the product links in your eBook in order to make the commissions on the sale of products. You can benefit by having a sign up form in your eBook to collect subscribers, make the links to products you sell or have the rights to resell, or collect second tier affiliate commissions. Harvey provides an excellent incentive program to drive an eBook to go viral. One thing we would add is that with YUDU, you can easily sell your eBook and have affiliates promote the eBook and make commissions. You can also create live links within a YUDU publication that can be altered after the document is published.

One other great post we liked at Owndotcomfree is titled, “Getting More Traffic to Your Website Using Viral E-Books“. In this post, it talks about bundling your articles or blog posts together to create an eBook and then giving it away as a thank you gift or incentive. Again great tips for using content to drive awareness, traffic, and sales.

Looking for a good reason to write an eBook in the first place? Check out Jean Lam’s “6 Good Reasons For Writing an eBook“. Besides being easy, no investment, and instant delivery, number 6 is viral marketing effects.

So many are discovering the potential of eBooks to drive traffic, provide value, and build your brand. What other tips and tricks have you seen for using eBooks to create a viral marketing effect?

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