Giving Academics a Voice

We love to talk about experts here at YUDU. After all, that’s what we are all about – giving experts a voice!

Every once in a while we come across cool sites that we have to tell you about. One such site is Pronetos. Pronetos is a social community for academics. It is a place for professors, PhD candidates, researchers, and any others in the academic elite to come together, discuss, share, and publish their work – a great concept that has been a long time coming!

What we love about Pronetos is that it gives academics a voice. Before, they were confined to the old academic journal publishing model and getting published was a key metric for things like hiring and tenure. Under this model, only a small percentage of articles actually submitted were published. However, the authors of the articles had to sign over all rights during the submission process. That means the vast majority of knowledge shared by the world’s academics went unpublished.

Finally, using social media technology, academics have a chance to share their expertise with the world. YUDU and Pronetos are kindred spirits in that sense.

Any other examples of cool sites giving experts a voice?

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