The Testicle Cookbook on YUDU Hits the Spot…light

Currently the most viewed item published on the new website is Ljubomir Erovic’s multimedia cookbook, The Testicle Cookbook – Cooking with Balls. The Serbian chef has had HUGE media interest with the world’s first testicle cookbook. The story has been picked up on TV, radio shows, websites, newspapers, magazines and blogs from all over the world and turned our friend Erovic into an overnight sensation! Some of the great write ups (that I can understand with my lack of languages) include: The Guardian Blog, The Times, The Telegraph, which includes a great video, Machochip and Yumsugar.

The full cookbook is available to buy on YUDU but there is also a ‘teaser version’ available for free that includes five of the best recipes and How-To videos, including one on how to peel the skin off both frozen and fresh testicles.

It’s a great example of the possibilities of, and whilst it may make some of you slightly squeamish, it’s obviously hit the spot for many! It’s been great to see all the comments on the many write ups – the good, the bad and the funny. A few that stick in my memory: ‘Warning, may contain nuts’, and one that started ‘Bought some lamb goolies from Bolton Market not long ago…’ fantastic… all day entertainment!

We’d love to hear your comments on the cookbook – especially from anyone who has actually tried any of  the recipes. There’s a comments and review box on the item details page of the teaser or you can always comment on the YUDU blog, below. Surely there’s more puns out there?!

The YUDU team are yet to try out any of the recipes… but we know what’s on the menu our next party. Want to join us anyone?!


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