Hello World…….again!

The new YUDU site is here!  A little while back we moved our award winning professional product ‘YUDU Pro’ over to YUDU.com/PRO, to make way for the launch of our new site which is the next 20 steps up from our YUDU Freedom site……we have now released it as open BETA for you all to try! We have been very pleased with the testing so far and will continue to welcome your feedback so we can keep making the site better for everyone! 

So…what’s the new site all about?

Well, we dreamed up a plan a couple of years back to bring quality publishing to reach as wide a group of creative talent as possible. Broadband now makes this possible and we have taken some of the great publishing features from our multi-award winning professional product and rolled it into this web 2.0 site that lets you create and share with the world, as well as make money from your creations.

With YUDUfreedom.com, we kept it nice and simple and it wasn’t long before we had more than 10,000 publications processed and being read. It has been great to see publications from more than 130 countries but all along we were preparing for the next step… whilst listening to your feedback and promising you all there was more to come!

You wanted to upload Word and PowerPoint files as well as PDF… and now you can.  You also wanted privacy settings. But it was a place to promote your YUDU publications that was the most frequent request. And little did you know – it was coming!

The new site has a library that lets you share your items with the world, password protect them for only the select few to see, or keep them private so that only you can see them in your personal YUDU library.  However, we wanted to offer you more than just that! We felt that if you had created something great, you should also be able to earn some money on the site by selling your creations.

YUDU makes selling simple… just name your price and add it up for sale and we will handle all the admin of the sale. It’s a great way to reach new customers all over the world and make more money!

And the ideas didn’t stop there. When we designed the library for your YUDU publications it occurred to us that it would be very useful if you could use the same library for your music, podcasts and photos too. And then we thought, ‘well why not let users sell them too?’. So here it is! An ePublishing tool and multimedia marketplace.

So, if you have a book, magazine, song, podcast, catalogue, corporate brochure or portfolio of work (the list could go on!)… try it… create your own free and personal YUDU Library, publish your items, share them with the world or add them up for sale!

We really hope you like the site and will welcome your feedback so we can continue to improve. There’s still a lot more to come… but your ideas and feedback will help make the site your own.

If you want more information, read the launch press release or listen to my first podcast.


Richard Stephenson, CEO and Chairman, YUDU Media.

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