Metro launches their digital edition with YUDU

Yesterday saw the launch of e-Metro, a national daily newspaper that will be allowing readers to catch up for free on a daily basis with a YUDU digital edition of the Metro, the 4th largest daily national in the UK.

We are very proud to say that the Metro chose to use our advanced, professional publishing solution, YUDU Publishing Pro. It’s a great step for YUDU and Metro, but also for newspapers as a whole…. let’s hope it means the introduction of more free digital newspapers for us all to benefit from.

You can read today’s edition, as well as the last four days, by visiting Simply add your email address to subscribe and read it for free every day.

I for one will be extremely glad of this digital edition, not only because it’s a fantastic title to add to YUDU’s growing list of YUDU Pro clients, but also for my own personal benefit and that of the poor commuters who happen to sit near me on the tube.

I hate to admit it but I’m one of those awful people who can’t help but try and read someone else’s Metro upside down, whilst squished on the tube, wishing I’d managed to grab one on the way to work. It’s a terrible habit, but one that we’ve all done – you see an article of interest… and you just can’t help it! Well now I / you won’t need to… we can just wait ’til we get to work and simply view the YUDU digital edition online.

It has also excited my friend who’s about to move to Australia… she’ll still be able to get her daily dose of the Metro and catch up on all things happening in sunny England!

Once in the edition, there is a really easy ‘share me’ button, that lets you send the edition to friends and family with ease, as well as easy bookmark buttons for Digg,, Newsvine and also posting it to facebook. Have a read and pass it on!

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