Improving your documents with YUDU, How to add web links to your PDF files

Whilst hopping in and out of our London and Clitheroe offices, I thought i’d post a quick blog to help users of YUDU Freedom with their PDFs.  I’ve received a lot of good feedback over the last month, and we’re working on changes to help people get better results (including accepting other formats).

This blog, however, is to do with web links, URLs, or whatever you may call them.  Because we’ve made YUDU Freedom so simple, the tools used typically to add these manually are no longer needed – instead, you can add them up front in your PDF file.

* Note that if you embed the fonts in your PDF file, and the text is something like or, our system will pick it up and link it automatically – .

However, the above doesn’t match all cases, as very often you might want to have a picture go to a website, or some text in a paragraph.  The PDF format allows you to add these additional links, and if you add them, we’ll automatically pick them up after you upload.

For instance, in Acrobat, you would open your PDF, click the link tool then drag out a region on the page you want to link.  Click ‘Open a Web Page’ in the dialog box that appears, type in the URL (or copy-paste), then click Ok.

When you upload that PDF (after saving it) to YUDU, we’ll link that area when it gets converted to Flash.  Easy!

If you haven’t currently got Acrobat, a free 30 day trial is available

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  1. I have tried your suggestion to hyperlink from the contents section on the first page of my document to the page listed by making this link in Acrobat. It works fine on the pdf but not when uploaded and published on Yudu. Is a hyperlink to a page not covered by your suggestion?

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