Great digital publications make for great worldwide reading…

Well, it’s been just over a week since launch and we’ve had some great results. People are publishing and reading YUDU Freedom editions in over 121 countries all over the world.

Thanks for all your feedback and keep it coming! Tom already wants another holiday and I think the other development guys might be on the brink of divorce from their other halves…but at least it shows we are listening and working hard to keep improving your site. We have numerous updates planned for the coming weeks, months, years… so keep coming back to check them out.

But onto the creative talent that’s being shared with the world….

The publications vary from small digital portfolios, CV’s & reports, to digital brochures, digital magazines and huge digital books!

As you will have noticed, we showcase some of your creations on our homepage, including a ‘Publication of the Week’. If you think your digital publication is good enough and you want to show it off to the world, please email the link and Jpeg to: lisa (dot) moore (at) yudu (dot) com. Brochures, newsletters, magazines, portfolio’s, books… and any of the more obscure publications that would highlight innovative YUDU-usage will be great.

We can’t guarantee your work will be added to the site… but sending it to me will give you a better chance!

Last week’s Publication of the Week, children’s book ‘Millie & Moo and the fun things we do’, created by Debbie Slater, has had thousands of unique views from YUDU Freedom visitors all over the world (in just one week!). That’s a lot of notice. And add to that, first page Google listings (first 2 listings on the page to be exact) for “Millie & Moo YUDU”… and you’re onto a winner! Great work Debbie and we hope your YUDU edition continues to be a success for you. 



3 replies

  1. Lisa,

    A friend shared your service with me and I absolutely love it. It does EXACTLY what I need for marketing the web solution that we use and broker & I love being able to send people a link that easily presents the benefits in a way that does nothing but enhance our service and reputation. You’ve got a WONDERFUL service and I can’t wait to see what’s coming. BTW, here is the link for the publication we just did.

    Thanks for ALL of the hard work!!! It’s an Incredible product!!!

    Towards Success,

    Ron Pierce
    Trinity Solutions, Inc.
    Greensboro, NC

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