YUDU, Sharing, and Development

So we’re finally live with the new YUDU Freedom and it’s out there for people to use all over the world.  As the guy at YUDU dealing with new development that leaves me both excited and scared as people try it out 🙂

We’ve made a lot of changes with the new Freedom, and I hope you like them.  In particular, i’m really interested in gathering your feedback – I don’t consider a product ever finished and there’s always room for improvement for both publishers and readers.

We’re currently leveraging Java to deliver the software and process to you, and although the Freedom product is really easy to use, it’s simply the tip of an iceberg in terms of capability and features.  For more on the rest of the iceberg, see YUDU Pro.

New versions of our software are released every few months onto the YUDU servers, but based on some feedback and internal discussions, we’re looking at moving this to a much shorter, more agile development cycle, with new features arriving sooner – although they may need more testing from you if we deliver them like this!

Further to that, we’re looking into sharing features more and more, and would like to know how do you want to share your editions?  We currently have a drop down on all publications, letting you add them to Digg, Del.icio.us and Newsvine – do you want more like this? – Let us know! (we could drop in Add to Facebook to this list, for instance, for all of you people currently
[ reading | not supposed to be reading ] Facebook at work 🙂 ).

Have any comments?  Leave them below!

Tom S.

3 replies

  1. Nice little website, here. I’ll review it soon; if I have a chance.

    Not really related, but as to the Spread the Word / Mac thing, will there be any protection against spammers who just send the emails out to every address known on the internetz? I can’t see how that’d turn out correctly, though.

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