Hello World!

Today see’s the release of our upgraded, unlimited and… unbelievable YUDU Freedom!

Everyone can now publish online for free and then share their interactive publications with the online world.

We want to continue to make this free service bigger and better for everyone. So, we want your help. We want your feedback and we promise we’ll listen!  So please, feel free to post comments to our blogs, or use the feedback form on the site. And if you like it… tell your friends! You could win a MacBook Air in the process…

Some of you may already know us as YUDU Media, through using our advanced Professional Publishing product. You may have already used YUDU Freedom in the past – back in the day when we were testing & tweaking and we limited it to 16 pages. However, it’s now got its very own website and we have upgraded it to give you higher quality, unlimited pages and a much easier and quicker publishing process. Well, when we say process, you upload your PDF, add your email address and press publish!

And just to test out the ease of use… I asked my mum to try it. If she can do it, anyone can… and she did it in seconds (and said it was like the first time she heard the Beatles ;-). Enough said.

8 replies

  1. Congratulations YUDU FREEDOM Team, a fantastic addition to the YUDU portfolio of products, we can all be very proud to be playing our part in helping our planet.

  2. In appreciation manner, Yea! this is really great! It is my inquisitiveness that enabled me to discover your site. Everybody will agree with me that your site enables people that are intellectually curious like me, but do not have financial strenght to fund their publications to now have access to a free online publication. So, Yudu Freedom has given all and sundry opportunity to contribute to knowledge with no cost.

    Please, keep on doing the good job.

  3. WOW! This is such a great tool. I can imagine the limitless opportunity that your service now provides. I hope YUDU is ready for the publicity and the reward that will come with this great product. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for the service. I will start using it, and I will refer as many people as I possibly can to your website/service.

  4. I just finished asking the angelic realm to facilitate some tools for sharing messages of unity with the world and the fist site I ‘bumped in to’ was yours !
    thanks for your services, now I know I don’t have to be a computer wiz before I can start with my work…blessings to you all, Ana.

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